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On stage Interview

When you receive an on stage question, this is your opportunity to truly shine on stage and showcase your personality. To help you shine bright, think about the tone of your voice.

It is human nature to lose interest and stop listening to someone who has a monotone voice.

Someone listening to your voice can learn quite a bit it seems. There is considerable evidence that the sound of a person's voice reveals a great deal about the speaker.

Studies have shown that a listener who hears the voice of someone else can infer the speaker's social class, various personality traits, emotional and mental state, and attributes related to deception.

You should practice various voice modulations and try different pitches to draw the audience.

Listen to famous public speakers and understand how they use the tone of their voice to make their presentations engaging.

Often, first-time public speakers may suffer from speech anxiety, which results in nervousness and stage fear. To avoid speech anxiety, practise diaphragmatic breathing as it helps reduce anxiety and allows better control over your voice, volume and pitch.

It's all about controlling the 5 elements of your speech; pitch, pace, pause, tone and inflections.

Audiences easily connect with speakers who look confident. When you are self-assured and confident of your skills, you successfully create an emotional connection that helps in delivering the right idea or message.

Good public speakers pronounce words clearly and use proper grammar while avoiding verbal crutches like “um” and “ah”. Verbal crutches can distract the audience from what the speaker is actually trying to say. Public speakers with clear articulation lend more clarity to their thoughts because they have excellent command over the language, use appropriate words and have a rich vocabulary. Apart from reducing verbosity, clear articulation gives you the confidence to speak at small and large meetings.

Remember: Communication becomes easier when you are passionate about the topic of your speech.

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